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1. Barone Admits (Unintentionally?) That A Real America Preceded The “Nation Of Immigrants” |
...Hackett Fischer`s Albion`s Seed? As his column`s title indicates, Barone thinks this year`s political campaigns are "haunted by ghosts of political leanings." So he says, opening the...

2. On Virginia Dare’s Birthday: Will Her Fate Be The Fate Of America? | VDARE.COM
...If did champion what David Hackett Fisher called “Albion`s Seed” in this way, it would, after all, merely make us the Commentary magazine of the “Anglo-Saxon” minority. Later, in...

3. Obama Wrong: “Nation Of Immigrants” Just New Propaganda Slogan | VDARE.COM
...The four waves of settlers chronicled in David Hackett Fischer`s Albion`s Seed and their cohorts who found their way onto American soil prior to 1776–constituting the ancestry of close to half...

4. How Do They Do It? | VDARE.COM
...moved on to the southern United States. This process is beautifully documented in Albion`s Seed–imperative reading in my opinion for anyone who wants to understand America. My copy, alas, is...

5. Bloomberg Columnist Rubbishes Historic American Nation. Why? | VDARE.COM
...of “four flavors of English” unquestionably refers to David Hackett Fischer’s magisterial Albion’s Seed, indispensible reading in my opinion to all wishing to understand the Colonial Americans....

6. Fast-Breaking Caveman News | VDARE.COM
...Indeed, as Brandeis historian David Hackett Fischer pointed out in his famous Albion`s Seed, these racial differences had an enormous impact on the history of America. He notes that the cold...

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