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1. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - Lincoln Still Rocks ••••

2. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Book Review: Act of Justice: Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and the Law of War, by Burrus Carnahan, edited by David Rachels ••••

3. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - Mr. Lincoln Goes to Gettysburg ••••

4. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - Abraham Lincoln, by Kimmy, Fifth Grade Student in Mrs. Alexander's class at Normandie Avenue School in Los Angeles ••••

5. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - In The Original Situation Room - Abraham Lincoln and the Telegraph ••••

6. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Book Review - Blood on the Moon, the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, by Edward Steers, Jr. ••••

7. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Book Review - Lincoln on God and Country - by Gordon Leidner, reviewed by Antigoni Ladd ••••

8. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Book Review - Lincoln: The Road to War, by Frank van der Linden •••

9. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - Abraham Lincoln's Home for Veterans, by David B. Alter •••

10. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Book Review - Don't Shoot That Boy! Abraham Lincoln and Military Justice, by Thomas P. Lowry, M.D. •••

11. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Book Review - Book Review: Manhunt, by James L. Swanson •••

12. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Book Review - Mary: A Novel, by Janice Cooke Newman •••

13. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - A Just and Lasting Peace •••

14. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - As American As Income Tax •••

15. Abraham Lincoln Dies •••

16. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - "It takes me about three weeks to write an impromptu speech" - Mark Twain •••

17. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - The Smithsonian During the Civil War, By Kathleen W. Dorman, Associate Editor, Joseph Henry Papers, Institutional ... •••

18. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Tour Review - The Civil War Enshrined in the Nation's Capital with Edward Smith •••

19. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - Homeland Security, 1865 •••

20. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Book Review - His Name Is Still Mudd, by Edward Steers, Jr. •••
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