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1. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - A Pathway To Freedom: Maryland's Underground Railroad •••

2. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - 2002 Jeannette Cabell Coley ••

3. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - Parallel Portraits ••

4. Welcome to Civil War Studies ••

5. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Seminar Review--The Critical Role of Women in the Civil, with Edward Smith< ••

6. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - John F. Hartranft: Pennsylvania General and Governor, by Dr. Lawrence E. Keener-Farley ••

7. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - Lincoln Still Rocks ••

8. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Book Review - Breaking the Backbone of the Rebellion - The Final Battles of the Petersburg Campaign, by A. Wilson Greene ••

9. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - In The Original Situation Room - Abraham Lincoln and the Telegraph ••

10. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - Passover in a Civil War Camp, by Judith Dormann ••

11. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Book Review: Act of Justice: Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and the Law of War, by Burrus Carnahan, edited by David Rachels ••

12. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - Why Did Women Fight in the Civil War? ••

13. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Biography - Washington Augustus Roebling - Civil War Engineer and Professional Civil Engineer ••

14. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Book Review - Surviving the Confederacy: Rebellion, Ruin, and Recovery - Roger and Sara Pryor During the Civil War, by John ... ••

15. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - John A. Logan, Citizen Soldier by Susan Claffey ••

16. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - Monument Honors 'Colored Regiment' Of Civil War, by Mary E. O'Leary ••

17. Abraham Lincoln Dies ••

18. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Book Review - Gettysburg's Unknown Soldier, The Life, Death, and Celebrity of Amos Humiston, by Mark H. Dunkelman ••

19. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - Abraham Lincoln's Home for Veterans, by David B. Alter ••

20. Smithsonian Civil War Studies: Article - Smithsonian Features Civil War Images from National Museum of Health & Medicine ••
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