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XML.com: Top 10 XForms Engines
By Micah Dubinko
Micah Dubinko, one of the gurus of XForms, offers a rundown on the state of XForms engines for 2005.
  Context: ...10 XForms Engines by Micah Dubinko February 09, 2005 In my book XForms Essentials, I originally intended to include some information on running...
[February 09, 2005]

XML.com: Ten Favorite XForms Engines
By Micah Dubinko
The author of O'Reilly's XForms Essentials describes ten software packages that implement the W3C's XForms specification, seen as the XML-friendly successor to HTML forms.
  Context: ...XForms Engines by Micah Dubinko September 10, 2003 In my book XForms Essentials I originally intended to include some information on XForms engines....
[September 10, 2003]

XML.com: Migrating to XForms
By Paul Sobocinski
Paul Sobocinski explains how to start using XForms now by showing PHP code that will convert from XHTML to XForms and back to XHTML.
  Context: ...Migrating to XForms by Paul Sobocinski November 01, 2006 In 2001, the W3C set out to create an XML standard for implementing user forms in XHTML by...
[November 01, 2006]

XML.com: Getting Started with XForms
By Bob DuCharme
Bob DuCharme provides an implementation-centered guide to using XForms, the new W3C forms technology for the web.
  Context: ...Getting Started with XForms by Bob DuCharme December 30, 2003 The XForms standard, which became a W3C Recommendation last month, lets us define...
[December 30, 2003]

Understanding XForms: The Model - O'Reilly XML Blog
By Kurt Cagle
This is the second in a series of articles I'm writing about the ongoing XForms implementation in Mozilla Firefox, with the previous article being Why XForms Matters, Revisited. Then next article in the series is Understanding XForms: Components When you...
  Context: ...Understanding XForms: The Model listen Sunday March 26, 2006 11:21PM by Kurt Cagle in Technical This is the second in a series of articles I’m...
[March 26, 2006]

xforms vs. ruby - a rebuttal (sort of) - O'Reilly XML Blog
By Kurt Cagle
I've been thinking about the article on XForms vs. Ruby on Rails for some time myself. Certainly it's a difficult question to answer, because to a certain extent I tend to agree with him ... on some aspects. XForms had a lot of potential that it hasn't yet lived up to, does require more than a...
  Context: ...xforms vs. ruby - a rebuttal (sort of) listen Friday March 30, 2007 1:59PM by Kurt Cagle in Opinion Adriaan de Jonge’s article Xforms vs. Ruby on...
[March 30, 2007]

XML.com: What Are XForms
By Micah Dubinko
HTML forms have long been a weak link in web interfaces -- now XML comes to the rescue with XForms, the W3C's new web forms technology.
  Context: ...What Are XForms by Micah Dubinko September 11, 2002 Introduction Think about how many times a day you use forms, electronic or otherwise. On the Web,...
[September 11, 2002]

XForms - Who Needs Killer Apps? - O'Reilly XML Blog
By Kurt Cagle
The XML 2007 Conference has come and gone, with as usual a number of thought provoking talks and controversies. During the evening of the first day, there was a special XForms Evening, with a number of the industry gurus in...
  Context: ...XForms - Who Needs Killer Apps? listen Sunday December 16, 2007 10:35AM by Kurt Cagle in Opinion The XML 2007 Conference has come and gone, with...
[December 16, 2007]

Understanding XForms: Components - O'Reilly XML Blog
By Kurt Cagle
I know, I know ... when you talk about a series, it usually implies that the articles will be somewhat closer together than the ones for my Understanding XForms series has been. Mea culpa. The last couple of months have...
  Context: ...Understanding XForms: Components listen Friday June 23, 2006 3:50PM by Kurt Cagle in Technical I know, I know … when you talk about a series, it...
[June 23, 2006]

XML.com: XForms Thick Clients
By Jack Cox
Jack Cox explains an approach to building XForms client applications that work in a disconnected environment.
  Context: ...XForms Thick Clients by Jack Cox October 19, 2007 Introduction All designers and developers face the problems of vague requirements, poorly defined...
[October 19, 2007]

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